Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our Easter Bunny Breakfast

Whether you're hosting a brunch, lunch, or dinner, Easter is a time to celebrate the return of warmer weather with fresh, festive decorations.

This year, I decided to host an Easter Bunny Breakfast for my kids. The theme for the breakfast was simple really. I wanted them to feel as though they were sitting in the grass having breakfast with the Easter Bunny himself.

For the table decor I used yellow placemats, which I topped with fake, green, grass mats. The yellow placemats I found at Target, and the grass mats at Hobby Lobby. The grass mats are really what inspired the breakfast in the first place. The carrot shaped utensil holder was extremely easy to make. I just rolled orange paper napkins into the shape of a carrot, and added green pipe cleaners for the leaves.

For the centerpiece, I found three really cute flowers at Kroger. I had originally planned on making a centerpiece but the time just got away from me. However, these flowers are really easy to make, and later on this month I will show you how to make them.

Now for the menu. I served pancakes in the shape of an Easter bunny. I added blueberries and thinly sliced bananas for the whiskers. My kids loved the pancakes so much that they almost didn't want to eat them.

Overall, the Easter Bunny Breakfast was a hit. The pictures are below for all to enjoy.