Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ashley & Brett's Boxed Invitations

Finally, Ashley and Brett's baby shower invitations are finished, and are on their way to the invited guests.

Set like a present in a box, the printed invitation is placed on top of white delicate feathers. Attached to the inside top of the box is a handmade sleeve holding Ashley and Brett's baby registry information and map directions to the baby shower. The outside of the box is wraped in recycled grocery bags, and contains a handmade label addressed to each recipient.

Sure, I could have mailed the invitations out in regular envelopes, but what fun would that have been? I wanted their guests to feel like they were getting a present themselves. I just thought it was a neat idea, and added a little extra special feel to Ashley and Brett's baby shower.

Overall, these invitations were pretty labor intense, but worth every moment I spent creating them. The pictures are below, and I hope you guys like them.